Farming Vehicle Control System for Windows 11/10

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*Important Update: Newest HORI Device Manager (Ver 1.1.24, updated on 18.03.2024) allows adjustment of steering sensitivity in the app.

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Product Description:

Introducing the HORI Farming Vehicle Control System for Windows 11/10! Developed in collaboration with GIANTS Software GmbH, the creators of the Farming Simulator series, to provide realistic operation experience for specialized vehicles and equipment. Our Farming Vehicle Control System includes a large 13.4 in / 34 cm diameter rubberized steering wheel based on real vehicles features a turn signal control lever and spinner knob for realistic simulation and control. Also includes a three full sized foot pedals unit and control panel unit with a total of 76 buttons eliminating the need for a keyboard or additional peripherals. The control panel unit features a twist axis joystick and separate throttle level for the ultimate control in Farming Simulator. Hall Effect sensors on the wheel, pedals, control stick and levers ensure long-term durability and accuracy. Steering wheel and control panel can be easily mounted to your desk for stability, and customize sensitivity, button layout, and other settings with the companion app. 


  • Collaboration product with the Farming Simulator series creators: GIANTS Software GmbH
  • Multifunction twist axis control lever and throttle for the ultimate farming equipment control
  • 4 inch / 35 cm diameter rubberized steering wheel with spinner knob is set at 40° angle and capable of 900° rotation
  • Magnetic Hall Effect sensors in steering wheel, pedals, control lever and throttle for durability and accuracy
  • Control Farming Simulator actions without need for a keyboard with 76 total buttons and customize your layout and other settings with companion app

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Specialist control device for Farming Simulator series

Developed in collaboration with the Farming Simulator series creators GIANTS Software GmbH to provide a realistic operation experience for specialized vehicles.

Attachable Wheel Spinner

Includes a detachable wheel spinner. While operating other functions this enables the wheel to be used single-handed.

Realistic tractor-style steering wheel

A realistic size 340mm diameter wheel set at a 40° angle and capable of 900° rotation. Operate lights and indicator controls via the turn-signal lever.
Designed for operation of tractors and other specialized vehicles to allow smooth and natural handling utilising extremely precise magnetic Hall sensors for high quality and durability

Control panel unit for enhanced controls

Multifunctional control lever with twist axis. The control lever supports forward, back, left, right and twist movements enabling various operations in game such as fine arm manipulation of cranes.
Onboard throttle lever allows you to set a fixed speed without pressing the accelerator pedal for smooth harvesting.

76 Operational buttons

21 on the wheel face, 55 buttons on the control panel unit.
A wide variety of in-game actions for Farming Simulator are supported with this controller set, enable you to play without needing to use mouse and keyboard or other additional devices.

Three Pedal configuration

A three-pedal configuration that includes accelerator, brake, and clutch enables the authentic driving experience of tractors, combine harvesters, etc.
Magnetic Hall sensors are used to ensure high quality and durability


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