Tactical Assault Commander PRO (Type M2) for PlayStation®4

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Go in for the kill with HORI's new TAC PRO Type M2 for PlayStation 4. The Tactical Assault Commander series is a line of officially licensed keypad & mouse controllers designed for FPS games that simulates PC-style control on the PS4. The mouse emulates the right analog stick for precise aiming, and left analog stick input can be set to either the WASD arrow keys or analog thumb stick on the TAC PRO keypad, and the TAC PRO firmware has been updated to make the TAC PRO Type M2 the smoothest and most accurate TAC ever. The main upgrade for the brand new TAC PROType M2 is Bluetooth wireless connectivity to the HORI Device Manager App, which lets you update key layouts, input options, sensitivity settings, and save profiles on the fly using your iOS or Android device. The TAC PRO Type M2 also features an updated form factor with an adjustable palm rest, HORI proprietary mechanical key switches with LED backlighting, high-end gaming mouse with adjustable DPI, fully-featured touch pad, headset input & more! The TAC PRO Type M2 also brings back features such as the Snipe & Walk buttons, which instantly reduce output for precision sniping, ADS lock, adjustable dead zone & mouse acceleration, as well as full PS4 and PC compatibility.

Product Features:

  • Officially licensed by Sony
  • Keypad & mouse controller to bring PC-style control to PS4
  • LED-backlit mechanical keypad and gaming-grade mouse
  • Use iOS or Android device to adjust settings & profiles wirelessly using the HORI Device Manager App
  • Special features such as Snipe Button, Quick Button, ADS Lock, and more
  • Compatible with PS4, PS3 & PC (Windows®11 / 10)


Please Note:

Depending on the console software version, not all functions may be available. In that case, please upgrade to the latest system software before use (PlayStation® 4 ... Ver. 4.73 or later recommended, PlayStation® 3 ... Ver.2.80 or later recommended). Please refer to your console’s user manual for system software version check and update instructions.

This product does not feature light bar, motion sensors. In addition, this product does not support features other than those described. Please note this product may not support some PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 standard software. For details, please contact us using the "Support" link below.

Product Manual

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