Dual Charger for DualSense™ Wireless Controller

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Please be aware:

PlayStation®5 (CFI-2000 Series) has two USB Type-C ports on the front side.
The specifications between the two ports are different, so please only use the lower USB Type-C port to connect your HORI Dual Charger.


Don't let dead batteries hold you back!

Simultaneously charge two controllers with the HORI Dual Charger for DualSense™ Wireless Controller. Easily charge controllers by simply placing them on the charger! Know the charging status of a controller with a glance. Built-in LEDs indicate charging with red and a charge completed with green. Charger connects to the console via USB. Compatible with DualSense™ Wireless Controllers. (Wireless DUALSHOCK®4, Wireless DUALSHOCK®3, and Wireless SIXAXIS® controller are not compatible.)

Product Features:

  • Charge two controllers simultaneously
  • Battery Life: up to 20 hours per full charge*
  • Compatible with DualSense™ Wireless Controllers
  • LED indicators display charge status
  • Powered via USB

*Battery life varies significantly with the use of vibration functions, headsets, additional accessories, and other factors.



Product Manual

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